10 Ways to Make Your Boss Think That You Are Indispensable

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Being indispensable to your boss does not only mean that you will feel exhilarated, but provides you with security, too. In today's competitive world, people want to feel indispensable and not fear that they will lose the jobs. Bosses and managers value such employees, but it all starts with making a good name for oneself. We all know this, but still wonder 'How can I become indispensable without being exhausted?'

If you are one of these people, it is time to learn how to become an irreplaceable asset in your company. Use our tips and tricks to make your boss trust you and keep your place in the company safe for years to come:

1. Find a Job that Fits You

Your job performance will be high and you will be able to perform the tasks much easier if you find the right job. It is a known fact that employees work better when they want the job they are doing, as well as the work environment.

If you manage to find a job that fits you, you will perform your tasks without any troubles and get better results without the extra effort.

2. Bring Enthusiasm to Your Workplace

Do you know a person who simply lights up a room when they walk in? Well, even though the workplace is a place to be hard working and serious, these people are always welcomed in companies.

Of course, being enthusiastic does not mean that you should laugh all the time and smile when it is time to be serious. It means that you will say 'Good Morning' to everyone in the office, regardless of your hangover and 'Thank you' to your boss for whatever compliment he gives you.

3. Convince the Boss that You Don't Only Care about Getting Credit

Giving credit is important for every employee since this boosts their confidence, provides them with motivation and makes them feel like they did something well. It is typical for an employee to want to get credit, which is why they often get obsessed and competitive about it.

Your boss will appreciate you more if you consider doing the job right to be your biggest reward. Make sure that he sees how much you value your own accomplishments and do not solely work to get credit.

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4. Beat the Clock

There is rarely a boss who will tolerate you being late to the workplace. Take note of the importance of getting at work on time. If you want to leave a good impression and become indispensable, set off to work earlier to avoid any delays.

5. Volunteer to Look Engaged

Volunteering always looks good in the eyes of the boss, but can be quite exhausting. However, you can volunteer strategically and achieve satisfaction with your employer without having to work too much.

Do not volunteer to everything in the office. Use the opportunity of putting your hand up first when the boss asks for help in a meeting, especially if it is for a high visibility project.

6. Pay Attention to the Jargon Your Boss Uses

Use meetings and conversations with your boss to remember buzzwords they use while talking. Then, add these to your own vocabulary and into the e-mails. This will help you demonstrate that you and your boss are on the same intellectual wavelength.

7. Leave Email Trails

Leaving an email trail is a great trick to make your boss think that you are putting many hours in. Make sure that your boss gets e-mails from you in the morning and late at night to achieve this.

8. Monopolize a Skill

Find a skill no one else possesses and become a master at it. Even if there is one other person who knows how to do it, you still have the room to replace them if they leave the company. A good example of such skill is learning a foreign language that may be useful for future business.

9. Develop a Good Relationship

In order to become indispensable, you have to be a person who is essential to the company they are working in. Therefore, try to develop good relationships with the important people. Once they start seeing you as a trusted person, they will value you more.

Industry trends are important if you want a company to remain successful. Therefore, you must stay informed on all latest trends, especially those related to technologies. Learn new technologies every day to become an invaluable, irreplaceable asset to your boss.

Being indispensable is a huge advantage, but it comes with a big downside. Once you achieve this, you will need to live up to high expectations constantly. However, if you learn how to maintain your good relationship with the boss, you can truly stand out in your workplace.

AUTHOR: Lucy Benton is a vivid marketing blogger and a goal oriented leader who enjoys sharing tips and stories, currently works at BestEssayTips as a chief editor. She studied Creative and Professional Writing at  If you’re interested in working with Lucy, you can find her on FaceBook.